I’ve been working with found pieces of metal for some time. It followed work with natural objects when away from Manchester.

Manchester may not have lots of natural shapes and objects but it does have lots of discarded metal from various mechanical and industrial work.

It is often difficult to say why you make certain pieces and in many ways this is the liberated joy of making things, you have a dialogue with the your unconscious and the material in your hand with passing thoughts coming and going.

I started making towers, quite impractical and precarious towers.

If I had to explain my reading of them and some of the thoughts while making them this is what I’d say.

The building up of something from the discarded pieces of the city to a creation or something seemingly substantial but totally precarious. We build ourselves up with what we have access to with all our weakness and bravado.

Towers also play a duel role in city – used in many to show wealth and power of capitalism (or previously religion) they also fulfill a very different role when they are used as housing, a way of getting lots of people (workers)  in a small piece of land. The two aspects on capitalism in one structural form.